Social Impact

TallyUP was born from the question "Can Universal Basic Income be a game?"

From the outset, its primary objective has been to facilitate the maximum amount of economic value redistribution to its player community. Impact has been a fundamental goal from the start. Put simply, TallyUP's primary objective is to redistribute the maximum sustainable amount of financial value in the most entertaining way possible (for players and spectators).

However, the impact goals of TallyUP are not limited to player earning. As a financial game and entertainment model, TallyUP is uniquely positioned to raise awareness and funds for important causes, and to do so in a natural, entertaining way. Doing so can increase appeal to players, sponsors, and partners, and contribute to overall reach and sustainability.

At time of cash out, players must share at least 10% of winnings with a vetted non-profit 501(c)3 or similar charitable organization. Players may choose to give up to 100% of cash outs. Generous players are celebrated on Top Donor leaderboards and elsewhere throughout the app.

Because players need not spend their own money to donate in the traditional sense and merely share a portion of free game winnings, the bar is lowered for more individuals to experience being agents of change. This can inspire more impactful activity in the future.

Over time, TallyUP plans to significantly expand the range of supported causes and network of vetted charities while enabling players to vote on a range of charity related mechanics. Gamified charity elements will be further explored, including charitable tournaments, cause-based competition, sponsor matching campaigns, and disaster relief drives.

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