House Tournaments vs Branded Tournaments

House Tournaments TallyUP's house tournaments are typically structured as bracketed, single-elimination competitions. Top finishers win a share of the tournament prize pool, which may consist of a variety of rewards. Rewards are supported by real revenue in the system, driven in part by tournament play.

Some tournaments are free to join, some require buy-ins ($UP Tokens, USD or Bananas) and some are exclusive ($UP token or NFT gated) or invite-only (gated by invite links / tokens).

Tournaments may happen in both asynchronous (MatchUP) format or live game formats between players. Asynchronous tournaments, in particular, are both casual and deeply engaging in their mechanics, bringing users back dozens of times over many weeks or month, in which they may make quick game moves and return later.

To date hundreds of tournaments have been run for for a range of crypto rewards ($BTC, $DOGE, $MATIC) and non-crypto rewards (USD, gift cards, branded TallyUP merchandize etc).

Hosted Tournaments

TallyUP's hosted tournament platform enables branded tournaments to be hosted by 3rd party brands / sponsors. The platform offers web2 and web3 organizations a powerful and gamified way to engage and educate players about products, services, technologies, currencies/tokens and much more. And it does so in a way that is authentically fun, exciting and rewarding for players.

Hosted tournaments can be leveraged for a variety of marketing objectives. Among other things, players can be required to learn and retain a piece of information about the tournament host or their products, before then being allowed to proceed into competition. In the end, players can be directed to websites or applications to set up accounts for prize redemption (tokens, products, services, discounts etc).

Live / Real-Time Tournaments (coming soon)

Live bracketed tournaments function very similar to commonly seen Battle Royale formats, in which hundreds of players join a lobby, prizes is determined, and players in real time compete to win.

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