Decentralized Gameplay

Gameplay to increasingly move on-chain (in development)

TallyUP's games and tournaments have initially launched and run natively in a centralized app without direct blockchain interaction. In terms of UX, the TallyUP mobile app will continue to be the central interface through which many players engage in gameplay, tournament competition and economy.

However, over time, increasing aspects of gameplay are increasingly planned to be moved onchain, either optionally or by default, for transparency and verifiability. And a number of native, onchain game formats, play modes, and tournaments will be developed (or are presently in development).

In-App Game Experience + Onchain transactions

TallyUP's ultimate goal is to migrate game logic and transactions on-chain. Phase 1 involves moving key transactions to the blockchain. This includes monetary transactions in and out of escrow during gameplay, payments to individual game and tournament winners, payments to charity, and cashout transactions. All of which is expected to drive player trust through transparency and verifiability.

Subsequent phases may include moving game logic on-chain and operating games on smart contracts (such as round information, rules, turns and moves etc.). A variety of deeper opportunities exist, such as leveraging existing smart contracts (like VRFs) to create verifiably fair and random games on-chain.

Natively Onchain Games and Tournaments

TallyUP and its tournament ecosystem partners may develop games that are run entirely onchain through smart contracts. Such games would allow anyone to create games and tournaments in a permissionless way, onchain, with no need for interaction in the mobile app. Key aspects of this will likely be facilitated by TallyUP's decentralized tournament protocol (in development).

Transitioning most aspects of the underlying game logic and economic transactions is a key step in TallyUP's path towards decentralization. Eventually many or most aspects of the global tournament platform are expected to run autonomously onchain. In this sense, the TallyUP native app becomes a simple interface to a decentralized game economy that is owned and operated by its community.

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