Store / Marketplace


The store enables IAP transactions and the purchase of items and upgrades for their gameplay. Users are able to use their balance in their in-app wallets to purchase various items or pay with traditional integrated payment gateways as well (such as Apple Pay or Google Pay).

Purchasing items from the system using $UP and other forms of payment creates further sinks for the token, as well as generating further utility as certain items are only available for purchase exclusively with $UP Tokens.

The store also enables P2P transactions where users are able to sell certain items that they have collected or won through gameplay with each other. Eventually this feature will connect and allow players to trade through and access marketplaces integrated directly into the app (for example, OpenSea or Magic Eden).

As P2P transactions take place, this incurs additional fees and revenues that can be further directed to growing the tournament economy.


There are several different types of in-game items and goods that players are able to purchase, collect and trade.

Cosmetic Upgrades - in-game skins such as banners, badges and profile decorations.

Consumables - season and tournament passes, EXP boosts, in-game emotes, ad-repellents, tournament life saves.

NFTs and collectibles - NFT Avatars and profiles, tournament passes, tickets and various POAPs and achievement badges.

Currencies - In certain regions where supported, players will be able to buy $UP tokens and other cryptocurrencies to top up their account to be used as gameplay stake.

Mutables - Game items that allow for special games with special rules to be created and played, including for example, games with fewer rounds, shorter timers, and other custom rules.

Importantly, Items for sale are designed never to affect the outcome of a game or to give an unfair advantage to any subset of players. A primary objective of TallyUP is to place all competitors, globally, on an even playing field. As such, it is carefully designed to avoid pay-to-win mechanics.

Shopping, eCommerce and Penny Auctions

Players will be able to participate in various forms of social shopping, eCommerce, impact-fundraisers, and auctions (eg penny auctions) with their in game balances. For example, players may be able to enter a prize draw for a new Macbook Air with each entry being $0.01 worth of balance or via traditional payment gateways.

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