Jason White Founder / CEO

EX-Head Blockchain & Crypto @ Indiegogo, EX-Head Growth, Marketing, Product Innovation @ Hippo Insurance, Serial founder (incl Moola).

Jeb Havens Head of product, Game Design

Expert game designer, EA, Google, Youtube, Slide. Multiple award-winning board games, game design instructor, speaker.

Paul Ashdown Director of Engineering

Sr engineer Jam City, Final Fantasy, Call of Duty, Jurassic Park (Movie), Sony, ILM, Square Enix, more.

Wooyoung Joo Head of Crypto and Community

Co-founder Bloomwater Capital, Rsq Labs, crypto native investor since 2016 and token mechanism designer.

Mark Weismantel Lead Art Director

Veteran art director & designer; Large Animal Games, Microsoft, HISTORY Channel, AMC, USA, BBC. Color Zen & Alpha Zen.

Chris Rohr Sr. Engineer

Jam City, Age of Learning, SkyVu Entertainment.

Nolen Tabner Sr. Engineer

Zynga, Age of Learning, Edge of Reality.

Ashley DeSouza Software Engineer

Yahoo, Steelhouse, CapGemeni.

Allen Pharr QA Lead

NBCU, Age Of Learning, Many Studios.

Michael Shum Software Engineer

Returnly, Moebius Solutions.

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