UP Tokens - $UP

$UP Tokens are the native, fungible tokens that underpin the Tournament Economy.

$UP Tokens have many utilities inside the TallyUP app and its game economy:

  • $UP Tokens power the earning for gameplay in the app through incentives for tournament prizes, achievement / streak rewards etc...

  • $UP Tokens can be used in the app to power gameplay - players may use it to compete against one another in various modes of play or to create and join tournaments.

  • $UP Tokens can be used in the app to purchase in-app items such as skins, consumable emotes and others;

  • $UP Tokens can be used by advertisers and brands for payments and settlements in decentralized advertisement products.

  • $UP Tokens can be used to pay for fees and discounts on Tournament Protocol fees and usage

  • $UP Tokens are also used for transactions and validators to eventually secure TallyUP!'s UP Chain.

$UP Tokens also represent a piece of the tournament economy, and can be locked (in-app or onchain) to participate in governance of the tournament protocol

  • $UP Governance participants can vote on matters such as - grants, charity partners, tournament platform partners / vetting, $UP Token tournaments.

  • $UP Governance participants may receive additional platform fees generated by governance activities (such as tournament vetting, exit fees etc...)

  • $UP Governance participants also receive exclusive in-app benefits such as restricted entry tournaments, ad removal and collectibles.

In essence, $UP Tokens represent a piece of the TallyUP economy. Players may compete for and earn them in app, spend them on various forms of in-app utility, and amass them to participate in protocol governance.

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