Network Effects

It gets better as it gets bigger and vice versa.

The TallyUP model contains economic network effects. As more players join, it can provide greater economic and entertainment value to players, and barriers go up, protecting against copy-cats.

Economic Network Effects: As more players join, more revenues can be generated. More economic value can be redistributed to players and more new games / content can be created. This increase in rewards and entertainment can draw more players, in turn unlocking additional revenue opportunities and so on.

Network effects are further enhanced by many aspects the model.

Evergreen Content: Many entertainment models incur ongoing content costs. Even successful games (e.g. Tetris, Flappy Birds) are susceptible to fatigue once players master and/or tire of the core mechanic or storyline.

Whereas content-wise, TallyUP is more akin to a lottery or sporting contest. Without any need for new games or mechanics, the experience remains evergreen and novel, thanks to growing financial incentives and social drama, which continually renew each season.

Because TallyUP does not require expensive content to be continually created anew, it can invest a substantial share of its growing revenues into player incentives.

Hosted Tournaments & Tournament Protocol: Hosted tournaments and Tournament Protocol allow brands to engage users in a new form of gamified giveaway. Additional network effects and barriers are unlocked as the marketplace of 3rd-party giveaways expands.

Barriers to Entry: As TallyUP scales, the foregoing efforts make it increasingly difficult for would-be copy cats to match the return on attention provided by TallyUP. Network effects and barriers are further enhanced as 3rd party game developers are unlocked, and as a growing partner ecosystem is developed where players may spend $UP tokens.

Programmatic Operation: Tournament function is ideally suited for autonomous function. Many aspects, including gameplay, rewards, tournament rules, and player transactions can be instantiated and governed programmatically, on-chain. This operational efficiency allows a greater share of earnings to be reinvested into the economy as the model grows.

Proprietary Ad Infrastructure: Over time, additional network effects and barriers are expected to unlock with the development of proprietary ad infrastructure, reducing how much ad revenue is shared with programmatic intermediaries, and increasing how much can be reinvested to player rewards and game economy.

Disclaimer: There is of course no guarantee that global scale and economic potential will be realized, due to operational, developmental and other risks. However, in the case that scale is achieved, such network effects and barriers may be realized.

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