Prize Redemption

Redemption of In-Game Balances

Once a player's account value is in excess of TallyUP's minimum cashout threshold (currently set to 10$ in USD value but subject to change), players may request to redeem their full or partial balances from the system. At the time of cashout, a minimum 10% of player winnings must be donated to a charity partner.

Players may choose from several different redemption options:

  • $UP token redemption - users are able to redeem their prizes directly as $UP tokens into their non-custodial wallets out of the system.

  • USD redemption - users are able to redeem USD directly to their PayPal or other payment processor accounts (minus transaction fees), as well as stablecoins.

  • Gift cards (coming soon) - players may also choose a selection of gift cards to redeem their value out of the system.

  • Integrated cryptocurrencies (coming soon) - select cryptocurrencies integrated into the platform will be available to players as choices to withdraw into. E.g. BTC, ETH, DOGE etc...

Redemption from Hosted Tournaments

In the case of hosted tournaments, subject to how prizes have been configured, player may redeem prizes directly to their own TallyUP wallets, or players may redeem prizes outside of the TallyUP app, and inside a third-party website, product, app, or wallet of the host's choosing.

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