Player Staking

When a player first enters TallyUP or has zero-balance in their account, they are staked with a small but real financial value in the system. This initial value is carefully calculated based on the expected value of a player's time, attention and engagement on the platform. Numerous factors are taken into account, including player metadata (device, location, and more). In this way, players essentially buy-into the economy with the value of their attention and engagement.

Players can be staked in a variety of different system currencies and rewards, including:

  • USD

  • $UP Tokens

  • In-game items (e.g. basic or mega spins that can be used to be staked with variable prizes)

  • Bananas (social, non-financial in-game currency)

  • Unique, One-off rewards (e.g. Entry to special VIP Tournaments)

  • Other cryptos

Calculating the rate and type of staking for a given set of players is one of the many functions of the game economy that has been carefully designed and optimized both for maximum global engagement and economic sustainability .

No matter where players are based, TallyUP is designed to be equally winnable for all players and to never incorporate pay-to-win mechanics that put any specific set of players at a disadvantage. The goals of TallyUP include all humans having a real and equivalent shot at highly impactful financial outcomes. While there may be different forms of staking players and rewards, all players can eventually compete in live games for USD and other prizes.

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