Proof of Attention

Product uniquely suited to innovate for buyers of attention.

On the other side of the attention economy are brands, advertisers and virtually any organizations looking to reach consumers. TallyUP is uniquely positioned to innovate on this side of the market.

  1. Exponential Incentives: Players can be enticed to engage with brands for small incentives (pennies) given their ability to parlay winnings into outsized sums via gameplay.

  2. Advertiser Context: While advertising is often seen to interrupt content, the value of advertising in TallyUP is more explicit for end users, who benefit economically from the presence of brands. This unique context provides room for innovation with new ad formats.

  3. Liquid Attention Market: The ability to introduce innovative new ad formats is enhanced by the economic proposition of TallyUP. In other models, ad formats may be constrained by the type of content. However, by adjusting reward levels, TallyUP can can introduce a variety of new formats and essentially 'discover the price' for attention in many different formats. For example, longer-form educational video ads can be introduced, and players can be offered larger incentives for engaging (e.g a few extra pennies to watch a longer video ad).

  4. Onchain Validation: Like other aspects of TallyUP, advertising sales and operations can be improved by placing key publishing and engagement data on-chain for trust and transparency.

Proof of Attention and other unique ad types

TallyUP has designed unique ad formats for brands which leverage its highly engaged audience. One such format provides "Proof of Attention" and "Proof of Retention" to advertisers. Such a format involves users seeing ads and then being required to prove retention, in order to collect rewards and progress in gameplay.

For example, after seeing a Coca Cola ad, a user may be prompted to answer "what brand was the cola" or "which color was the can?"

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