Reward-Based Ad Network (Powered by $UP)

Rewarding broader attention across the internet

Reward-Based Ad Network (in development)

TallyUP has designed and is building a decentralized, crypto-powered advertising network. This opportunity is enabled by TallyUP's growing brand, substantial programmatic advertising infrastructure, reward currency ($UP), growing brand advertiser relationships, first party data, and engaged player community.

A key advantage of TallyUP is its ability to leverage fractional economic values from ad impressions, and through proprietary game mechanics, deliver an exciting, rewarding social gameplay experience to players.

This paradigm can be expanded upon such that players need not be limited to seeing ads inside TallyUP to fund gameplay rewards. Players can also collect econommic value when interacting with ads on other websites and by importing that value into their TallyUP wallet, can attempt to parlay this value into far greater rewards.

In the context of a distributed ad network, $UP Tokens may be used as the native currency for end user rewards, third-party advertiser fees, payments to publishers, network discounts, and much more. All of which creates additional utility for $UP tokens.

This effort is expected to enhance and enable new revenue streams to be reinvested back into the value of $UP Tokens, and to have complimentary effects on the TallyUP player app, gameplay experience, and economy.

Incentivizing and rewarding ad engagement

TallyUP!'s rewarded ad network "cuts in" users for the value exchange when they supply attention or engagement to advertising around the internet. This allows end users to collect financial stake in the advertising economy they play a key role in propping up.

Through gamification and tournament mechanics, small rewards can be parlayed into larger amounts. The perceived value of such rewards is therefore greater to many players than, say, paying them directly for clicking on or seeing ads. Put another way, such game mechanics effectively reduce what would otherwise have to be paid to motivate consumers to engage with ads, complete forms, mae purchases etc.

As users are further rewarded and engaged, TallyUP! can further reward and incentivize players to build their profile and help construct comprehensive first party data. Now, unlike most other websites, users can participate economically in the value of their data, choose where it gets shared and participate each time.

Other opportunities include innovating on new ad formats (e.g. "Proof of Attention") and leveraging tournament learn and earn mechanics and rewards across the network.

Effects on game and token economy:

Creating a proprietary ad stack has several far reaching consequences on both the game and token economy.

By leveraging infrastructure and cutting out the middle men in programmatic ad operations, it. estimated that TallyUP can recapture up to 30-50% of every ad dollar, which can be driven back into the token economy and further enhance player rewards.

As more publishers integrate and brands purchase ads on TallyUP's proprietary ad infrastructure, additional revenues can be generated and driven back into the token economy and in-game rewards.

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