Modes of Gameplay

Players may choose from a variety of competitive play modes to increase their winnings.

Play modes include live, synchronous gameplay, as well as asynchronous gameplay.

Each mode of gameplay can be played in different formats based on player preference, including one-off, power play, practice mode, single player, team or tournament formats.

In the case of one-off, non-tournament games, players are able to choose how much they wish to risk in a given game, and they may select which currencies or collateral to risk as stake in their wallet screen.

Live Games

Live Games are games that happen in real time (1-2 minutes), players have up to 15 seconds per round to make their move in a given turn with the game ending in a win, loss or tie between players or teams.


MatchUPs are games that play out asynchronously over a longer time. Players are notified when it's their turn, and have up to 48hrs to make their next move (which only takes a few seconds) and passes back to their opponent to submit their move. The games can result in a win, tie or loss similar to live games.

Power Play

Power play is a one-off game between players for financial value, each player or team risks an equal amount of financial value to be staked as prize for the given game. The winning side takes the prize at the end of the game, and in the case of ties both parties are refunded their share of the prize.

Team Games (coming soon)

Team Games allow for multiple players to play against each other in the same game with added elements of coordination and team work. Team Games can also be played in Power Play or non-Power Play modes.

PvE Games (coming soon)

PvE Games allow for single player game progression, practice and learning for players in a storyline based on the TallyUP universe and lore.

Real Money Gaming (coming soon)

Real Money Gaming will be supported in select regions, where players will be able to deposit money into the app and risk it in TallyUP games and tournaments against other players

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