Decentralized Tournament Protocol

The Internet Tournament Layer (In Development)

The Next Big Step Opening UP

A key aspect of TallyUP is that it enables virtually any community of 2 or more humans to compete fairly online - with real agency and trust - for anything of value. No matter what is on the line, a paper clip, 1 BTC or a billion $USD - the core mechanics are fair and uncheatable and effectively put all humans on an evening field.

Step 1 in opening this value to brands and other communities was the Hosted Tournament Platform. Step 2, in development now, goes much further, decentralizing TallyUP gameplay as an onchain protocol and allowing a vast range of applications and social communities (eg Discord servers) to instantiate rewarded gameplay directly inside their own applications and web environments.

Built on top of TallyUP's proprietary games which can be easily learned and fairly played, the following example applications may help illustrate the vision and potential of the 'Internet Tournament Layer':

Crypto Exchanges: Onramp to web3. Programmatically instantiate recurring social tournaments directly in exchange / wallet application or website for any / every digital asset listed on exchange. Provide no cost, no-risk, high value engagement opportunity for mainstream consumers to engage, learn, compete for and earn crypto in an experience that is authentically fun and exciting and drives on-chain transactions.

Web3 or Web 2 Brands: Recurring native learn-and-earn giveaways and competitions for native digital assets (Fungible tokens, NFTs etc), loyalty rewards, products, discounts and much more. Drive KPis including wallet/account activations, on-chain transactions, more.

Numerous Categories (Grocery, Fast food, Travel, Hospitality, Transportation etc): Allow website or app users to compete natively against one another for products, services, discounts, loyalty points etc while being similarly exposed to education and building their profile.

Loyalty / Rewards Programs: Make currency winnable via largescale tournaments, activate new accounts, allow users to risk your currency against others in free competitive gameplay. Give users a reason to engage and have some fun with your rewards...while being exposed to education and building profiles etc.

In success the Tournament Protocol will bake TallyUP into the fabric of the internet and leverage decentralization for trust and transparency in all aspects gameplay and transactions.

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