Hosted Tournament Platform

A new kind of gamified giveaway, for brands.

Hosted (B2B) Tournament Platform

TallyUP's Hosted Tournament platform offers an innovative new engagement tool for web2 and web3 brands. Promotional giveaways are an essential and ubiquitous aspect of consumer marketing. However, very little innovation has been seen in consumer giveaways, which generally take the form of sweepstakes, raffles and simplified crypto airdrops.

Such contest models lack any real experience or engagement for end users. Through gamification, promotional giveaways can provide far greater engagement for users. However most games are too skillful, or random, or demographic-specific to be appropriate across all brands and communities.

With TallyUP's proprietary games, which can be quickly learned and fairly played by any community or demographic, brands can run next-level giveaways that engage audiences for weeks or months on end. Such giveaways can be configured to drive product or technical education, account activations, and any number of other performance or branding goals.

Hosted tournaments can be easily customized for a brand, including rewards, contest dates, in-game educational content (“learn and earn” moments and copy) and redemption mechanics (e.g. specific wallets or online accounts required).

Once configured, players can be required to learn about the brand hosting the tournament and compete for the prizes that have been put up.

Stakeholder Benefits

For sponsors, hosted tournaments provide an opportunity for wide reaching exposure and engagement within their own community and TallyUP!'s player community.

For players, hosted tournaments create a new way to engage with brands at no cost, an opportunity to learn about new products, brands or currencies, and a chance to engage with others in fun spirited, social competition to win products, discounts, and a variety of other rewards.

For the TallyUP! game economy, the additional engagement and activity created by hosted tournaments can drive user growth, network effects, and unlock further revenue opportunities (including promotion of featured tournaments). Hosted tournaments also inject financial value to the game economy that circulates without requiring player staking from treasury. Hosted tournaments also unlock organic growth for TallyUP! as brands promote hosted tournaments within their communities and

Additional information on Hosted Tournaments is below. Please reach out to partnerships(at)tallyup(dot)com to explore potential integrations.

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