In the wallet section of the app, players are able to access and manage all of their assets in the game.


Users are able to see all of their token holdings in their account's custodial wallet as well as the fluctuating value of their accounts over time. They may also choose within their portfolio which fungible tokens they want to enable for gameplay collateral.

Users are able to redeem and cash out assets in their wallets in methods of their choice.

Swaps (coming soon)

User are able to swap one of their tokens or fiat balances held in their account for another. This order flow may be directed to a DEX aggregator or a CEX depending on the pair with applicable fees.


Players are able to see all of their collectibles (e.g. NFTs, tournament tickets or achievements) and items (such as ad repellents) in one place. They may choose to use their consumable items, or look at the performance or rarity of certain NFTs they've won / collected.

Buying / Listing / selling (coming soon)

Users are also able to list and sell NFTs on integrated marketplaces such as OpenSea or Magic Eden within integrated ecosystems. Allowing them to access broader markets and offerings for NFTs.

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