Social (referral)

Referral Incentives and Networks

TallyUP heavily incentivizes players to invite and play with friends. They may do so by sharing their referral link with others and building a referral tree. In exchange for doing so, they are rewarded in $UP.

As players share their referral links and invite others into the app, their referral trees continuously grow, along with their rewards.

For example, let's say John plays TallyUP and invites Bob, and then Bob invites Anna.

In this case, John will receive a payment of $UP into their account for inviting Bob (eg 5$ USD worth), and John also receives an additional payment of $UP for the downstream invitation to Anna (e.g. an additional 2$ USD worth). Meanwhile Bob also receives a payment (e.g. 5$ USD worth) of $UP for inviting Anna.*

Gameplay Vesting

All $UP Tokens earned through referrals are initially locked into player accounts. Locked $UP tokens are gradually unlocked based on vesting as invited players engage with the economy and generate value. This is a key element to prevent gaming of the invite rewards system, ensuring incentives are only paid out to reward genuine invites that contribute to the economy. Gameplay vesting also ensures that large invite events also do not introduce an abrupt change in supply dynamics of the tokens, and ensure that all tokens earned by large influencers and inviters are phased into the market.

As the invited player completes certain engagement and gameplay milestones, % of their referral rewards unlock for the inviter. These milestones are not finalized, however they may look like this for example**:

  • 10% rewards unlocked at 10 games played

  • 25% unlocks at 100 games played

  • 25% unlocks when all minigames are unlocked

  • 10% unlocks as they sign in and play for 30 days

  • 10% unlocks as they complete a 7 day sign in streak

  • 10% unlocks when they invite a friend

  • 10% unlocks when they join a hosted tournament

Locked $UP Tokens are vested gradually as invited players generate activity in this way.

Once vested, $UP Tokens are claimable into a user's wallet and are usable in-game for gameplay, purchases or redemption, like $UP Tokens earned in other ways.

* - referral award amounts are being finalized and subject to change ** - specific milestones are not set

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