TallyUP's core player loop can be understood in the following way:

  1. Player Staking: TallyUP stakes players with a small but real financial value in the system, and then allows them to compete for prizes in various modes of play and tournaments. Some modes involve risking the free value that has been staked by the system, in order to win more.

  2. Competitive Gameplay: Through various modes of gameplay, players compete against one another to increase their balances and eventually "cash out" or redeem prizes from the system once a minimum threshold has been reached. Some forms of competition allow players to multiply their balances exponentially for large, potentially life-changing rewards.

  3. Revenue Generation: As players compete, numerous forms of revenue are generated by the system (e.g. ad revenue, in-app purchases and more), which powers the economy and allows even larger tournament stakes to be offered to players.

Players continuously earn small amounts of rewards / stake in the system through daily games and practice, which they can choose to risk to multiply their winnings. Players may always be re-staked in the economy with the value of their attention and engagement.

For players, this provides a simple gameplay narrative that does not require any spending, advanced skill or knowledge or complicated set up to begin playing, winning and earning free cryptocurrencies. Players simply download the app and start competing in the tournament economy.

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