Roadmap and Milestones

Timelines and deliverables in this section are a best-efforts approximation based on current development progress and objectives. All details herein are subject to change at any time.

Milestone 1: Q4 2023 - Q1 2024

  • Global Launch (emerging markets)

  • Launch of UP DAO and $UP Tokens along with onchain treasury modules

    • $UP Tokens generated and to initial community

    • Baseline UP DAO governance locking contracts enabled (in-app and web3 UI)

  • Launch of Web3 token integrated version of the app

    • UP Token earnings enabled throughout the app as gameplay incentives;

      • $UP tournaments

      • $UP incentives for achievements, streaks etc...

      • $UP collateral and usage for gameplay

    • UP token withdrawals and prize claims enabled

    • UP tokens supported as in-app purchase currency

  • UP Token powered referral tree

  • V1 of In-App custodial wallets supported (but does not yet support deposits or navigation / usage of dapps)

Milestone 2: Q2 2024 - Q4 2024

  • Store and marketplace modules

  • Self-Serve tournament platform + governance vetting enabled

  • In-App non-custodial wallet integration

  • Ecosystem and marketplace partner (e.g. OpenSea or Magic Eden) integration allowing for native access to dapps through in-app user wallet

  • Multiplayer / Team games and tournaments

  • Live tournaments

Milestone 3: 2025-

  • UP Chain launch

  • Key game transactions moved on-chain for verifiability and onchain games

  • $UP Tokens and TallyUP tournament SDK to allow for other onchain games to leverage TallyUP's game economy to run their own tournaments.

  • Begin development of $UP Token and tournament integration to thrid party games and developers

  • $UP powered ad network

  • Spectator games

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